Oil safety rules. How to maintain natural oils

Natural hair oils work wonders on our hair and scalp under a few conditions. If we follow several simple rules regarding storage, type of oil and its ingredients, we can expect tremendous effects.

I would like to present a handful of valuable information that will allow you to enjoy your oil for longer making sure it will not loose its essential properties.

beauty.jpg1. Be cool

Most beauty oils like cool environment because then, they do not go rancid and retain the power of valuable components for longer. So if the manufacturer does not recommend differently – keep your oil in the refrigerator. Some of them do not need it and can stand on a shelf in the bathroom (for example, argan oil, avocado or macadamia), however, most of them will welcome cold climate with a relief. The refrigerator should be set on a temperature from 5 to 15 degrees Celsius.

2. Too hot

Oils also like heat – but only at the moment when we have to use them on the face and hair. Heated oils work stronger and more actively. Therefore, some of them can be heated to slightly higher temperatures, others unfortunately do not like it. You also have to make sure not to disturb the properties of the oil by too high temperature. To do this, carefully read the label on the packaging.

3. Ideal duo

When applying oils on the face, we can combine them with hyaluronic acid – then, we will get a cosmetic with increased rejuvenating and regenerating properties. Hyaluronic acid will also provide that the oil will have a better penetrating properties.

4. Not everything at once

It is not worth buying many oils at a time. Poorly chosen oils may interfere with each other in action. Therefore, if you do not have in-depth knowledge about the types and properties of oils and rely only on the descriptions appearing on the labels – better to go for one oil and check to see how it works on your skin and hair. Keep in mind that natural oils have specific expiration date. If you buy a few, you will not use them all up and as a result, you will have to throw them away before even noticing any proper results.

5. Dark side of the moon

When it come to the matter of storage, it is important to keep them in the dark containers. Such products exposed to sunlight become rancid and in consequence, simply useless. For this purpose, you can purchase separate, dark bottles of an interesting shape and pour the oils into. Usually, the manufacturer alredy sells the products in dark bottles to prevent damaging of the substance.

6. Do not give 100%

Some oils should not be used in a 100% concentration. They might be too strong. Therefore, they must be diluted with oils of more delicate action. What is more, the producer should put this information on the website or the label. It is something definitely worth checking out.

These facts are the basic knowledge, without it, we will not provide either proper hair or skin care with the use of natural oils.