Oil Treatment or Oil-Mask? The Best Hair Masks feat. Oils (wersja EN)

Hair oil treatments are growing in popularity. However, sometimes we haven’t got enough time to get the right oils for our hair type and thoroughly rub them into the tresses. In this case, it’s good to get a thing containing beneficial oils and giving equally great results. This thing is called a hair mask. Which ones make the best pick?

Oil-based hair care isn’t just a passing fad – it’s a truly beneficial method keeping the hair healthy. A suited oil is able to repair damaged hair and restore the resilience, plus it protects against the damaging factors. There are quite a few of them: the sun, heat, freezing weather, pollution, free radicals, etc.

Which hair oil is the best?

There are so many of them that each of you can choose one suited to their needs. Nevertheless, cold-pressed unrefined argan oil rich in over 100 different nutrients is the hero of hair care.

You can use it for performing the intensive hot oil treatment or as a finishing touch for smoothness and extra heat protection. It boasts wonderful color, subtle nut aroma and really unbelievable hair benefits:

  • it guarantees heat protection.
  • it makes hair smoother and easier to comb out.
  • it gives healthy shine.
  • it protects hair ends from splitting.
  • it reduces hair breakage.
  • it hydrates, nourishes and revitalizes.

Hair oil or oil-enriched product?

The hair-oil junkies will tell you that it’s best to use pure argan or other oil alone. The truth is, though, that a good hair mask feat. oils is able to work wonders. It’s easier to apply, there’s no risk of greasy hair when you use too much, plus the combination of oil with other substances make it give a way stronger effect.

If you’re expecting rapid results, then a hair mask surely tops oils. Still, remember that it’s best to use both and never give up on deeply-nourishing oils.

The best oil-enriched hair masks

The choice of the right product is the key thing. Only a mask that features the proper ingredients, performs well and is lightweight can help us take control of the tresses. See the best oil-spiked masks that will revive your hair and make it look stunning.


Nanoil argan Hair mask - the best Hair Mask

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A sure number-one oil-based mask is called Nanoil Argan Hair Mask. A fancy-looking, lightweight, non-overburdening product is designed for professional hair care at home. It’s cruelty-free, paraben-free and PEG-free. What’s important, the Nanoil Argan Hair Mask works well on any hair – dull, damaged, frizzy, split, brittle.

What does the mask hold? Cold-pressed, unrefined argan oil is the major component and it’s paired with panthenol (provitamin B5) for better hydration and intensified repair.

How does the mask perform? After just one application, the hair is smoother, shinier and softer. Tresses are easier to brush and strikingly less frizzy. This formulation keeps the hair moisturized and delivers the repair-intensifying nutrients to the inner hair structures every time you use it. After a couple of weeks hair is stronger, way prettier and less brittle.



Another product we have reviewed is dedicated to dehydrated, poorly nourished and weak hair. This mask is slightly thicker and should be used regularly once a week or more often (if your hair extremely damaged) and sparingly to avoid overburdening. This is one of the priciest masks in our roundup.

What does the mask hold? The Kiehl’s Mask combines two oils: olive oil and avocado oil. Additional lemon extract leaves a fresh aroma on the hair.

How does the mask perform? This largely depends on the regularity of use. The Kiehl’s Mask works well provided that you use it systematically. It protects against the harmful factors as well as nourishes, hydrates and strengthens. Over time, it restores the shine and softness of hair.

DAVINES NOUNOU HAIR MASKDavines-Nounou-Hair-Mask-768x768

Davines aims to create products whose quality and composition clearly show that nature-inspired solutions are the best. With this in mind, the brand launched the Davines Nounou Mask intended for dry and dehydrated hair. It comes in a small eco-friendly packaging.

What does the mask hold? The formula is based on tomato extract from Serranova di Carovigno, and it’s enriched with jojoba oil and olive oil. That’s why we put it in our ranking feat. oil-rich products.

How does the mask perform? This is one of the best masks ranked by performance. It won’t remedy very damaged hair but it’ll surely make the tresses soft and shiny again. The Davines Nounou Mask tames hair and prevents the frizz, plus protects against the loss of water and nourishes.



You must be familiar with this mask if you go the hair salons. This is one of the most popular salon brands so we obviously like to use it, hoping the hair will look as if treated by a stylist. The Artego Deep Repair Mask is another oil-based product that you can try if you’re too busy to perform the full hair oil treatment.

What does the mask hold? The Artego Deep Repair is rich in different substances. It features organic olive oil, cardoon oil, glycerin, milk proteins, amino acids and lots of castor oil. On the one hand, the high concentration of ingredients is beneficial but, on the other hand, it may cause weighed down hair.

How does the mask perform? It’s mostly a hydrating product. The mask protects from heat damage so the hair doesn’t go dry and it maintains the hydration for longer. Additionally, it nourishes and strengthens the tresses thanks to proteins in the formula, plus it envelopes the hair with a slightly sweet scent.