One day exclusively for your hair. Natural Oils Treatment

Natural oils for hair – they have become extremely popular and replace numerous cosmetics, including face serum, body lotion and nail conditioner. Most of all, they are a must have in hair care.

hair-care.jpgOiling hair treatment should stay in your beauty routine for good. Nothing compares to natural oils when it comes to nourishing the hair.

You will provide your hair with perfect care if you perform so called oiling hair treatment. It consists in applying the oil to hair and leaving it on as long as possible (minimum one hour, maximum the whole day or night).

If your hair is very damaged and needs strength and repair, you can give it deep nourishment by devoting one day a week exclusively to your strands.

Apart from oiling, it is a good idea to do some more treatments to strengthen and regenerate the hair.

What would such a day look like?

1. Hair hates pulling, tearing, heat. Try to give up a hair tie for at least one day. Get a wide tooth comb which doesn’t pull the strands but lets you detangle them easily. It also allows for the even application of a conditioner or oil on the entire length of hair.

2. Before the oiling treatment, wet your hair with DIY hair spray. You can choose herbs that take care of hair e.g. camomile, nettle, horsetail, aloe vera juice mixed with water – these are the most popular and most beneficial to hair substances. You need to make a herbal infusion to do the spray. Let the infusion cool down, strain it, pour into an atomiser bottle and spray on hair (to make it damp, not too wet). You can mix different herbs to enhance their action.

3. Now it is the time for a beneficial oil. After you have sprayed the hair with herbal mixture, apply the oil – remember about the scalp. Massage the oil gently so that it penetrates into hair bulbs. One tablespoon of the oil should be enough.

4. Now it is time for “lie in” – wrap your hair with a towel and leave the oil on for several hours. The longer, the better.

5. Wash the oil away with a delicate shampoo and apply your favourite conditioner. You can use DIY hair rinse for the last rinsing. For example, it can be vinegar or water mixed with natural fruit juice (lemon, orange, grapefruit) – it will provide the scalp and hair with proper pH. As a result, your hair will be soft and nice to the touch.

Good luck!