Questions regarding oiling hair – we are clearing up all doubts

Nowadays, oiling hair is one of the most popular methods of deep hair treatment. This topic is probably well-known to most women, however, it still rises some questions.

We are trying to answer all of them and carefully explain what all the fuss is about.

1. It is important what type of oil I choose?

Unfortunately, yes. If you pick a random one, without any research, it might turn out that it will simply not be suitable for your hair porosity. Most women have medium porosity. For such hair type, the most recommended oils are: macadamia, almond, argan. High and low porosity happen less often.

2. Can I use a plain cooking oil?

Many natural oils provide a complex use. Those found in the kitchen can be used in hair care and the other way around, for example olive oil or linseed oil. However, you have to remember that oils used for hair treatment must be unrefined and cold pressed. Only those are rich in nourishing ingredients.

3. How long should I leave oil in my hair?

In this regard, there is an important relation: the longer you hold the oil on your hair, the longer it works on the beauty of your wisps. The ideal solution is to leave it on the hair overnight. If you do not have the time or motivation to such treatment, leave the oil on the hair for at least an hour before washing.

4. Why is massaging so important during oiling treatments?

Oil – in order to treat your hair – must firstly, fight the cause of the bad hair condition. This is why it penetrates deeply into the scalp – if it is healthy – it allows hair to grow in a healthy environment. Oil also penetrates deeply into hair bulbs, nourishing, starting with the roots. Therefore, your hair grows strong and healthy.

5. Do oils improve hair growth?

Yes, Oil penetrates deeply into hair bulbs, nourishes them and allows hair to grow strong and healthy.

6. Will oiling make hair more greasy?

Oils – even though are greasy substances – do not grease scalp. On the contrary. They provide a unique ability to normalise sebum secretion. Therefore, it is highly recommended for people who struggle with oily scalp. Oil used regularly will inhibit excessive sebum secretion. It will also be a remedy for everyone who have dry skin. In this case it will work as a moisturiser.

7. Can oils change hair colour?

Some oils are not recommended for blond hair because they can cause a slight change of hair shade. This includes: amla, bhringraj, safflower oil.